Multi V Rated Aust Ch Eclipsen Honky Tonk Woman - "Darcy"

2 years  2 years

2 years


2 years


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Darcy earns her Australian Championship title!
2 years   2 years

2 years


With judge Andrew Burt after winning Bitch Challenge, RUBB & Intermediate in Group
2 years


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2 years old
2 years   2 years


Best Puppy of Breed - 2012 Royal Melbourne Show
Darcy - Puppy of Breed


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Christmas 2012
Igraine, Uther and Darcy "sharing" a new Christmas toy

"All mine!"

12 1/2 months old
Darcy   Darcy


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7 1/2 months old
Darcy  Darcy


6 months old
Darcy    Darcy


Chillin' with big sister, Igraine


15 weeks old



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8 weeks old

Darcy    Darcy


Meet the newest addition to our family - Darcy.

DOB: 17 October 2011
Hips: 2:2 = 4     Elbows: 1:1

Sire : Allerhochst Jack Sparrow S: Gr Ch Blickscharf Ashke CD ET S: Ch Blackcombe Baldrick ET
D: Blickscharf Diamond Lil
D: Allerhochst Ynka Goddess S: Am/Can Ch Yngo van het Dornedal (Blg) AM/Can CDX, Am TDX, Can TD, Sch HIII, FH, BST, BH, TT, CGC
D: Ch Allerhochst Kansas
Dam : Bohmerwald Ebby S: Ch Allgemein Felix S: Aus Ch, NZ Ch Don-Guan V 'T Detoricahof (Imp Ndl)
D: Kjeringa's Corona V Kernecht (Imp USA)
D: Bohmerwald Roxy S: Panzer Benn (Imp NZ)
D: Tenuke Atlanta


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27-Mar-15 V Rated Australian Bred Bitch - 25th National Championship Show


1-Nov-14 V1 Rated Australian Bred Bitch - Rottweiler Club of Victoria Speciality show


13-Apr-14 V4 Rated Intermediate Bitch - Rottweiler Club of NSW Speciality show


9-Nov-13 RUBOB - Alexandra A&P Association

2-Nov-13 V rated Intermediate Bitch - Rottweiler Club of Victoria Speciality show

12-Oct-13 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Shepparton Agricultural Society

13-Jul-13 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Junior Kennel Club

12-May-13 Bitch Challenge - Euroa Kennel Club

11-May-13 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Shepparton & District Kennel Club

16-Mar-13 Best Junior In Group - Pakenham & District A & H Society

8-Mar-13 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Tallangatta A&P Society

23-Feb-13 SG7 rated Junior Bitch - Rottweiler Club of Victoria Speciality show

24-Nov-12 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Daylesford A&P Society

18-Nov-12 Bitch Challenge - Morwell / Traralgon Kennel Club

3-Nov-12 V4 rated Junior Bitch - Rottweiler Club of Victoria Specialty show

24-Oct-12 Bitch Challenge & RUBOB - Numurkah AH & P Association

6-Oct-12 Best Puppy In Group - Seymour A & P Society

Sept-12 Best Puppy of Breed - Royal Melbourne Show

15-Jun-12 VP4 rated Minor Puppy Bitch - Rottweiler Club of South Australia Specialty show

16-Mar-12 VP rated Baby Puppy Bitch - Rottweiler Club of Victoria Specialty show


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Show: Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc, 25th National Championship Show, 27th - 30th March 2015
Judge: Mr Pablo Piazza (Argentina)

Grade: V

Critique: 3 1/2 years female, Correct dentition. Attentive. With correct head type. Broad skull. Correct medium size ears. Stop should be more deeper. Correct and powerful muzzle. Mouth pigmentation lips dark, gums pink. Dark brown eyes. Correct coat with good markings. Correct neck. Topline is correct. Croup and tail correct. Front and rear angulations correct. Movement: bitch's topline breaks and loses power in drive because of this.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria Inc, 54th Championship Show, 31st Oct - 2nd Nov 2014
Judge: Mr Vinicio Italo Di Paolo (FCI Argentina)

Grade: V1

Critique: Three year old female. Scissor bit, full dentition. Medium size female. String, feminine head. Well proportioned. Brown eyes. Correct stop, Good ears. Good nose. Correct dark pigmentation. Compact neck. Good bones. Good chest depth and width. Good front and rear angulation. Top and underline level. Short croup. Good tail. Coat and markings correct. Very well presented, alert and friendly. Very good movement, slight dip in back on the move.


Show: Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc, 57th Championship Show, 12th - 14th April 2014
Judge: MrFrank Beiboer (Netherlands)

Grade: V4

Critique: 2 1/2 year old, very good build, medium to large, very good proportions, very good female head, good ears, dark brown eyes, pigmentation could be darker, scissor bite, very good top and underline, good angulations, very good chest proportions, good bone, good feet, very good coat, good size of markings could be a little darker, good movement with very good reach and drive.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 53rd Championship Show, 21st - 23rd February 2014
Judge: Mrs Donna Wright (NZ)

Grade: SG

Critique: Two years, four months. Good bone. Medium to small in size. Correct shape skull, a little wrinkle on top. Ears correct, carried correctly. Would like more defined stop. Very dark almond shaped eyes a little deep set. Good mouth pigmentation. Correct scissor bits. Good depth and width of chest. Good neck. Well laid back shoulder, a little short in upper arm. Defined withers, a little dip behind wither and back. Very good topline, good bottom line. Very good rear angulation. Free flowing movement, has more reach than drive. Back is soft. Correct coat, well defined markings.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 52nd Championship Show, 1st - 3rd November 2013
Judge: Mick Svaljek (Australia)

Grade: V

Critique: Scissor bite, full dentition. Two year old female. Large. Compact powerful build. Excellent breed type. Very good attitude. Strong female head. Excellent expression. Sufficient breadth of skull. Medium high set ears should be closer to cheek. Very good stop. Beautiful dark brown eyes, correct shape. Strong broad muzzle, excellent ratio to skull. Sufficient strength of underjaw. Very good gum and lip pigment. Excellent chest proportions. Very well pronounced forechest. Well sprung pastern, correct shape compact feet, well arched toes. Strong well muscled neck going into excellent topline. Good underline. Very good front and excellent rear angle. Correct coat. Excellent condition. Short strong well angled hock. Rich tan markings, well set throughout. Energetic balanced movement. Correct in front and rear. very good reach and drive. Slight dip behind wither and slight rise over croup when moving.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 51st Championship Show, 22nd - 24th February 2013
Judge: Norma Window (UK)

Grade: SG7

Critique: 16 months, strong, compact. Very good bone, strong head, medium ears held correctly. Dark brown eye, correct stop, deep muzzle, strong front, excellent feet. Slightly deep in brisket for age, strong rib cage, strong rear quarters, excellent colour, good coat. Strong hocks, good side gait, good tail.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 50th Championship Show, 2nd - 4th November 2012
Judge: Patricia Hall (Australia)

Grade: V4

Critique: 12 1/2 month old bitch. Very feminine but strong. Strong head and skull. Good stop. Correct length of muzzle. Dark eye. Little rose in mouth. Scissor bite, full dentition. Good lay of shoulder. Good prosternum. Tight feet. Back feet could be longer. Level topline. Well ribbed back. Correct harsh coat. Hocks well let down. Colour pattern clear throughout. Good colour under tail as well. Good croup. Ears are a little large but hold well. A little springy in back. Needs to drive more. Covers ground well. Rises a little over topline. Tail set ideal.


Show: Rottweiler Club of South Australia, 40th Championship Show, 14th September 2012
Judge: Gerard O'Shea (Sweden)

Grade: P4

Critique: 11 months - medium large correct substance and bone for age, feminine head, broad skull, medium stop, normal muzzle, needs more fill under eye, prefer little stronger under jaw, ears should be little closer to cheeks, excellent eyes, very good lip line, mottled pigment, scissor bite, very good neck and withers, little soft in topline, ribcage little oval and deep sufficient forechest, medium angulations throughout, little steep through croup and pelvis, straight forehand, normal feet, very good coat and markings, natural tail, in movement medium reach and drive, arches over loin due to croup, clean coming.


Show: Rottweiler Club of South Australia, 39th Championship Show, 15th -18th June 2012
Judge: Tatyana Popova (Russia)

Grade: VP4

Critique: 8 month old female. Scissor bite. Middle sized, very well developed, good condition, good head development, dark eyes, good ears, broad chest, well developed, good topline, slight dip in topline particularly when she moves, good angles front and rear, good topline, good tail, correct. Good balance front and back, good movement, little dip when she moves.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 49th Championship Show, 16th -18th March 2012
Judge: Mr Alfredo Estrada-Santiago (FCI-Mexico)

Grade: VP

Critique: Very attentive. Medium sized female. Very good in bone and body substance. Feminine head. High set ears. Very good stop. Strong muzzle. Good inner mouth pigmentation. Scissor bite. Very well developed chest. Very good front. Good topline, very good underline. Tail is very well carried. Very good in front angulation, excellent rear angulation. Topline breaks in movement.


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