V Rated Bohmerwald Ebby - "Ebony"

Ebby    Ebby  


DOB: 29 July 2006
Hips: 4:3 = 7    Elbows: 1:2

Sire : Ch Allgemein Felix S: Aus Ch, NZ Ch Don-Guan V 'T Detoricahof (Imp Ndl) S: Gismo Stortebecker (Gmy)
D: Anou V 'T Detoricahof (Ndl)
D: Kjeringa's Corona V Kernecht (Imp USA) S: Ger Ch, Ndl Ch, Int Ch Noris Vom Grutenblick SCHHIII FH AD BH IPOIII (Gmy)
D: Kernecht's Jezi V Stolzenfels (USA)
Dam : Bohmerwald Roxy S: Panzer Benn (Imp NZ) S: Natan Vom Wolfert Turm (Gmy)
D: Coco Vom Schwaiger Wappen (Gmy)
D: Tenuke Atlanta S: Wallkuer Carue [A]
D: Dreistleigh Dash [A]


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Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 43rd Championship Show, 28th February - 1st March 2009
Judge: Mrs L Russell (Aust)

Grade: SG

Critique: Two and a half year old, large substantial, very good first impression, slightly long. Very attractive female head, clean. Large ears, well set could be carried closer to the cheek. Dark brown eyes. Scissor bite, complete dentition, mostly dark pigmentation. Strong neck, excellent forequarter angulation. Correct bone for size, good feet. Slightly long back, slightly tucked up underline. Good hindquarter angulation. Normal tail. Correct coat, warm brown markings, well enough defined. Tracks well, a little loose in elbows, topline could be firmer on the move, medium reach and drive.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 42nd Championship Show, 31st October - 3rd November 2008
Judge: Mr Uwe Petermann ADRK (Germany)

Grade: SG

Critique: Large, strong bones. Very good substance. Nice head. Good stop. Medium ears, high set, tips should lie closer to the head. Dark brown eyes. Pigment mostly dark. Very good forechest. Left pastern turns out. Strong back. Slightly sloping croup. Very good rear angulation. Strong coat. Rust brown markings. Moves close in rear. Back rising in the rear.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 41st Championship Show, 29th February - 2nd March 2008
Judge: Mrs Elena Kholevina (Russia)

Grade: V

Critique: Nineteen months old. Typical, large with good bone. Typical head. Good clean lines and proportions. Sufficient skull with good stop, could be better filled under the eyes. Dark eyes, good pigmentation. Good sized ears, well set. Good strong neck, good body. Slight sloping croup, sufficient topline, slightly straight in shoulder and loose in elbow. Good angulation in the rear, well set. Good coat and colour.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 39th Championship Show, 2nd - 5th March 2007
Judge: Herr Helmut Weiler (ADRK)

Grade: P5

Critique: 7 months old. Medium sized bones. Strong head. Medium size ears, correct. Brown eyes. Mouth pigmentation dark pink. Stop and cheek bones correct. Strong muzzle. Very good chest proportions. Correct angulations. Straight back. Slightly dipped croup. Very good coat. Correct markings. Loose back. Insufficient movement.


Show: Rottweiler Club of Victoria, 38th Championship Show, 3rd - 5th November 2006
Judge: Tommie Bezuidenhout (Sth Africa)
Grade: VP

Critique: 3 1/2 months, baby puppy bitch. Large in size for her age. Attentive and calm. Very well built. Very good substance. Good bone structure. Correct in body length. Strong head. Broad muzzle. Good stop. Very large ears correctly placed and well carried. Some dewlap on the throat. Eyes dark brown, almond shaped. Tight flews, dark pigmentation. Powerful neck. Correct topline and croup. Correct tail and carriage. Front end well developed with strong pasterns and tight front feet. Well developed rear end with very good rear angulation. Correct coat and very well defined mahogany markings. Good reach, good drive. Scissor bite.


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